The Purpose of MOPS is to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.


MOPS Theme for 2010

Together on Planet Mum

The MOPS Experience equips women for the joys and challenges of their lives as mums. One key factor in the MOPS Experience is the relationships built within a group. Time and time again, MOPS mums share that the friends they make in MOPS are significant for this season of their life and on into their future. God created us for relationship! It’s one of the defining parts of being human.

However, when you become a mum, all your relationships change. It’s like you have landed on a different planet—Planet Mum—and the relationships on Planet Mum don’t look like the ones on your previous planet. Your relationship with yourself is different—you are a mum! Your relationship with your husband, girlfriends, extended family, community and God have all changed. Many of these changes are positive, some are not. Even positive change requires adjustments on your part.

During the 2010 MOPS year, we will explore how to thrive in relationships Together on Planet Mum.

The theme book for 2010 is Life on Planet Mum: A Down to Earth Guide to Your Changing Relationships by Lisa T. Bergren. The book is part of the MOPS International Membership benefit. All the mums and Mentors in your group will want to be equipped with this resource as together they learn to navigate the relationships on Planet Mum.

The Together on Planet Mum curriculum DVD. It provides ready-to-use content for MOPS group, to simplify your planning for the year. Many groups use the curriculum DVD to supplement local speakers, so the mums in their group benefit from high quality speakers offering solid content related to the MOPS theme.

As you plan your MOPS year with this emphasis on relationships, many pertinent topics can be included.
Start with the changing relationships from self to girlfriends, marriage, family, extended family, community and God. Other topics can include conflict, safe/unsafe relationships, siblings, long-distance, virtual (internet) and more.

The foundation of being Together on Planet Mum is that God is with us and we are created for relationship with him and each other. We are created to “do life” together. This is definitely true for us as both mums and leaders. The more we draw together in community, the better we are able to thrive as women and mums. And in MOPS leadership, we are better together than individually, which is why the emphasis in MOPS leadership is working together on a team.

This life together is underlined in our theme verse for the year, where Jesus promises:
“For where two or three come together ... there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)
Share your ideas for implementing the theme and download theme graphics at Visit the Leaders’ Web site regularly throughout year for updated information on implementing the theme in your MOPS group.

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