The Purpose of MOPS is to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.


Team Meeting Today...

Life On Planet Coordinator # 3....
Team meeting today.
I drive into the carpark....and notice the impeccably groomed Assistant Coordinator walking in carrying a tray of homecooked goodies... I can’t help it, my mind runs off on a tangent.... “Why don’t I have time to bake anymore? Isn’t she looking lovely, so nicely dressed, hair done in a trendy style, high heels.....the last time I wore high heels was the day we dressed up in hats and heels at chubby armed toddler had done the bolt for the door, and my attempt to chase saw me doing the splits! Now there are some movements one should never attempt after having babies !! I was, ahhhh, less than graceful. .. hmmm where was I? Yes, there I go Lord comparing myself again! Please forgive me. Please accept what I have to give, sometimes I just feel like the dirty little toenail on this body of Christ, and all those other toes are sooooo much better..... sigh. I’d better get inside, there’s so much to cover today.... we seriously need to do some fundraising to get to Conference this year..... double sigh. Oh there’s our mentor arriving...she waves in my direction with a cheeky grin. I respond....and head in the door.
The mentor gives a great devotion from 1 Peter 4:10 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms, that speaks to my core....did she know what I was feeling? How did she read me so well....? We pray... “Oh dear Lord, help us our thoughts and give us the wisdom we need to minister to the mums who come through our door. Help us to work form our areas of strength, to use what we have to serve. Lord we thank you for calling us to serve in this way, we trust you will provide what we need and ask that you equip us for effective Leadership. We thank you for each precious person on this team, and the gifts they share with this MOPS group. We pray that you would help us to get as many of our Leaders to The Australasian MOPS Conference as possible, please supply the means Lord. We need your discernment as we plan and organise our fundraising. In your name we pray, Amen.” The devotion time of our meetings are always like a breath of fresh air! I pull out my notes for the meeting, Fundraising! Hmmmm any ideas???
The Australasian Conference (22nd to the 24th of October 2010) is fast approaching!
I am so excited that we will have Liz Selser and Shelley Radic coming here to speak with us! What a treat! I met Shelley at the QLD Conference in 2008. She is a beautiful lady, flicked on from the inside. Not only is she a gifted speaker and accomplished writer, she is genuine and approachable! I watched this lady make her way around the Conference room, introducing herself, getting to know the Mums....she is simply lovely! And although I haven’t yet met Liz, anyone who has been on the MOPS International website and read her articles already feel like they know her. We are so blessed to have two such high quality teachers coming to share with us. When I think about these two special women who are coming to “love on us” the verse from Ephesians runs through my mind... Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Ephesians 5: 1-2
I encourage you to do whatever you can to come to the Australasian Conference! To soak up His presence in fellowship with 100’s of MOPS Leaders from NZ, all over Australia, PNG and Australasia! Ooooh it gives me chills!
I look forward to meeting you there.



Life Together on Planet Coordinator...
I am sure by now that you are off and running for the year... MOPS calendars printed and distributed, Term one mostly organised. It seems that everywhere I go at the moment I’m being bombarded with messages of “space”! Were they there last year? Did I just not notice them? Our theme for the year is everywhere at the moment. I wonder...are you allowing God the space he needs with your MOPS group? Are you allowing God the space he needs with you? Are you allowing space within your day to day to meet with Him? I got a timely reminder of this on Sunday, when the Pastor shared a message on S.P.A.C.E.
Is there a..... ?
·         Sin I need to confess?
·         Promise I need to claim?
·         Action I need to take?
·         Commitment I need to make?
·         Example I need to follow?
During your Regular Bible Reading time, I challenge you to ask these questions, and encourage you to journal your thoughts.... We are called to be doers of the word (see James 1:22)... We need to make sure our hearts are right with God (see Psalm 51:10) seek him fervently first (Matthew 6:33), and then all things will flow on from there. Whether it be in your role as a MOPS Coordinator, Wife, Mother, Friend, Neighbour, Daughter...? Perhaps you could start journaling with phrases that begin with ‘I need to...’
I need to....
·         Ring...
·         Visit...
·         Keep my mouth shut...
·         Turn off the TV...
·         Help...
·         Give...
·         Delegate...
·         Encourage...
·         Thank...
I pray that you would be able to create S.P.A.C.E in your day to meet with the creator of the universe, that he would affirm you in your leadership role and that you would be greatly encouraged. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Life Together on Planet Coordinator...

The tables are set...The food is prepped, the name-tags lie ready in anticipation can’t help straighten the pile of newsletters once again, look at the list of things you’ve dashed onto a scrap of paper to remember to say, you take a deep breath, and look around at the team, arriving one by one...with armloads of stuff. Blessings made for today, food for morning tea, craft cut outs for MOPPETS, Discussion questions written on a ball (looking like a who would’ve thought of that?)... Your mind is in a whirl....thoughts whipping through so fast you barely have time to catch up. Your toddler isn’t helping. He’s wrapped his pudgy arms around your leg so tightly that not even chocolate biscuits will convince him to let go. You think to yourself... “I still have to pray with the team, and the MOPPETS, I still have to do...” Your thoughts are interrupted as a new Mum stands nervously on the threshold, clutching her pram...looking furtively over her shoulder. She seems tensed for flight, you make your way towards her, now dragging your recalcitrant toddler. She catches your eye, takes one look at your little boy, and smiles. The MOPPETS Coordinator pokes her head out and says... “come in, come’ve got to see this” beckoning to both of you... you sneak a bemused look at each other, you walk/limp your way into the MOPPETS room to see fairy lights twinkling all around the ceiling, a big blow up Globe rolling on the floor, blue sparkly playdough and star cut outs on the toddler table, large shiny coloured cardboard stars dangling from the ceiling, the craft corner and the reading nook all prepped in readiness for the morning.....and what was that? A bubble floating down...yes that’s what it was. Your chubby fingered attachment releases his grip and squeals with delight as he claps his little fingers on a bubble, then another...then another... Praise the Lord for MOPPETS (you whisper in your heart). You turn to welcome the new Mum, silently praying “Please her to make friends today, protect her little one whilst she’s in here and soften her heart Lord, help me to know which table to sit her on, give me the words to say...please Lord”....Whilst she settles her little one, and your dear chubby toddler happily claps his call the team together and pray.... It’s only then you notice the chocolate smears all around your thighs...hmmm “Thanks Lord, for helping me to keep it real!”

During my time as a Coordinator so many things went wrong on the morning of MOPS! Computers wouldn’t connect to the projector, MOPPETS Leaders rang to say they couldn’t make it, Leaders rang in sick, the Hospitality leader arrived with her carefully decorated cup cakes all collapsed onto each other, my children refused to leave my side, my Husband and I snapped at each other as we left the House. I remember this one famous time all the roads between my home and MOPS flooded over! I still went to MOPS!.... Life happens. Real stuff, that either makes you tear your hair out in frustration or laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. I say to you’s all part of the process. When you stand up there and greet the Mums, how encouraging for them to see the chocolate smears on your leg! To know that you, too, have a “real” family life. I was delighted when I visited a brand new MOPS group and the Coordinator came out wearing her pyjamas, holding a bowl of soggy weetbix, toting a nappy bag on one shoulder listing perilously to the side. She just knew that the Mums would relate to her in an instant! My prayer for you, at this time of year particularly, is that you would hide the words from Matthew 18:20 in your heart.... For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.... God has his hand upon you, as you lead, as you minister and as you serve...He is with you. You are not doing this alone....

Love and big MOPS hugs,

Karen A-D

The Mobile MOPS Regional Coordinator

(a little bit about me... I have a heart for Coordinators, having helped establish and Coordinate a thriving MOPS group at Maroochy Baptist Community Centre on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland. After my twins (our youngest) went off to Big School I prayerfully took on the role of MOPS Regional Coordinator for the Sunshine Coast. Then God called me to something bigger....I heard God’s clear still voice telling me to go and visit MOPS groups all around Australia! My Husband, Daniel, felt similarly prompted. We pulled our 4 children out of School, sold off all our belongings and we are now on the road permanently...)

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MOPS Theme for 2010

Together on Planet Mum

The MOPS Experience equips women for the joys and challenges of their lives as mums. One key factor in the MOPS Experience is the relationships built within a group. Time and time again, MOPS mums share that the friends they make in MOPS are significant for this season of their life and on into their future. God created us for relationship! It’s one of the defining parts of being human.

However, when you become a mum, all your relationships change. It’s like you have landed on a different planet—Planet Mum—and the relationships on Planet Mum don’t look like the ones on your previous planet. Your relationship with yourself is different—you are a mum! Your relationship with your husband, girlfriends, extended family, community and God have all changed. Many of these changes are positive, some are not. Even positive change requires adjustments on your part.

During the 2010 MOPS year, we will explore how to thrive in relationships Together on Planet Mum.

The theme book for 2010 is Life on Planet Mum: A Down to Earth Guide to Your Changing Relationships by Lisa T. Bergren. The book is part of the MOPS International Membership benefit. All the mums and Mentors in your group will want to be equipped with this resource as together they learn to navigate the relationships on Planet Mum.

The Together on Planet Mum curriculum DVD. It provides ready-to-use content for MOPS group, to simplify your planning for the year. Many groups use the curriculum DVD to supplement local speakers, so the mums in their group benefit from high quality speakers offering solid content related to the MOPS theme.

As you plan your MOPS year with this emphasis on relationships, many pertinent topics can be included.
Start with the changing relationships from self to girlfriends, marriage, family, extended family, community and God. Other topics can include conflict, safe/unsafe relationships, siblings, long-distance, virtual (internet) and more.

The foundation of being Together on Planet Mum is that God is with us and we are created for relationship with him and each other. We are created to “do life” together. This is definitely true for us as both mums and leaders. The more we draw together in community, the better we are able to thrive as women and mums. And in MOPS leadership, we are better together than individually, which is why the emphasis in MOPS leadership is working together on a team.

This life together is underlined in our theme verse for the year, where Jesus promises:
“For where two or three come together ... there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)
Share your ideas for implementing the theme and download theme graphics at Visit the Leaders’ Web site regularly throughout year for updated information on implementing the theme in your MOPS group.



Check out this link to You Tube...
Information about MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) and the reasons why you will want to start a MOPS group in your church.


The 12 Qualities of a MOPS Leader

Came across these again on the MOPS International site

  • Christian - has faith in Jesus Christ, and follows him in all areas of her life. Romans 10:9
  • Called - recognizes that God has summoned her to a position of influence and submits herself to that call. Luke 9:23
  • Christ-like - is intentional about growing godly character as expressed in Scripture and evidenced by behavior and attitudes. Galatians 5:22-23
  • Courageous - chooses to persevere even in the face of challenges. Psalm31:24
  • Accountable - is willing to accept responsibility to God, to others and to herself. Romans 14:12
  • Servant - serves that she leads.Matthew20: 26-28
  • Growing - has a teachable spirit and takes responsibility for growing toward personal and spiritual. Philippians 1:6
  • Hopeful - knows Jesus as her source of hope and points others to him. 1 Peter 3:15
  • Gracious - receives others willingly with a generous spirit. Romans 15:7
  • Authentic - knows and accepts herself and is honest about her strengths and weaknesses in her relationships with others. Romans 12:3
  • Adaptable - embraces and manages change.1 Corinthians 9:22
  • Humble - recognizes her dependence upon God and others.1 Peter 5:5-6


Some photos from Regional Training Day - "Paper Bag Princess"

Display boards illustrating each of the MOPS Team positions

Attendees working on a training activity during the morning.
From L-R: Jillian, Mia (MBC) and Donna (Glasshouse)

Some of the beautiful themed room decor - paper bag/paper flower centrepieces

Each MOPS group from the region was asked to bring items/create a display that showcased their MOPS group - what MOPS means/looks like to them, how they have represented this years theme. Examples of decor used, creative activities, blessings, discussion questions etc

Our Regional Coordinator - the wonderful Karen A-D

Sorry for the delay in posting these!