The Purpose of MOPS is to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.


Life Together on Planet Coordinator...

The tables are set...The food is prepped, the name-tags lie ready in anticipation can’t help straighten the pile of newsletters once again, look at the list of things you’ve dashed onto a scrap of paper to remember to say, you take a deep breath, and look around at the team, arriving one by one...with armloads of stuff. Blessings made for today, food for morning tea, craft cut outs for MOPPETS, Discussion questions written on a ball (looking like a who would’ve thought of that?)... Your mind is in a whirl....thoughts whipping through so fast you barely have time to catch up. Your toddler isn’t helping. He’s wrapped his pudgy arms around your leg so tightly that not even chocolate biscuits will convince him to let go. You think to yourself... “I still have to pray with the team, and the MOPPETS, I still have to do...” Your thoughts are interrupted as a new Mum stands nervously on the threshold, clutching her pram...looking furtively over her shoulder. She seems tensed for flight, you make your way towards her, now dragging your recalcitrant toddler. She catches your eye, takes one look at your little boy, and smiles. The MOPPETS Coordinator pokes her head out and says... “come in, come’ve got to see this” beckoning to both of you... you sneak a bemused look at each other, you walk/limp your way into the MOPPETS room to see fairy lights twinkling all around the ceiling, a big blow up Globe rolling on the floor, blue sparkly playdough and star cut outs on the toddler table, large shiny coloured cardboard stars dangling from the ceiling, the craft corner and the reading nook all prepped in readiness for the morning.....and what was that? A bubble floating down...yes that’s what it was. Your chubby fingered attachment releases his grip and squeals with delight as he claps his little fingers on a bubble, then another...then another... Praise the Lord for MOPPETS (you whisper in your heart). You turn to welcome the new Mum, silently praying “Please her to make friends today, protect her little one whilst she’s in here and soften her heart Lord, help me to know which table to sit her on, give me the words to say...please Lord”....Whilst she settles her little one, and your dear chubby toddler happily claps his call the team together and pray.... It’s only then you notice the chocolate smears all around your thighs...hmmm “Thanks Lord, for helping me to keep it real!”

During my time as a Coordinator so many things went wrong on the morning of MOPS! Computers wouldn’t connect to the projector, MOPPETS Leaders rang to say they couldn’t make it, Leaders rang in sick, the Hospitality leader arrived with her carefully decorated cup cakes all collapsed onto each other, my children refused to leave my side, my Husband and I snapped at each other as we left the House. I remember this one famous time all the roads between my home and MOPS flooded over! I still went to MOPS!.... Life happens. Real stuff, that either makes you tear your hair out in frustration or laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. I say to you’s all part of the process. When you stand up there and greet the Mums, how encouraging for them to see the chocolate smears on your leg! To know that you, too, have a “real” family life. I was delighted when I visited a brand new MOPS group and the Coordinator came out wearing her pyjamas, holding a bowl of soggy weetbix, toting a nappy bag on one shoulder listing perilously to the side. She just knew that the Mums would relate to her in an instant! My prayer for you, at this time of year particularly, is that you would hide the words from Matthew 18:20 in your heart.... For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.... God has his hand upon you, as you lead, as you minister and as you serve...He is with you. You are not doing this alone....

Love and big MOPS hugs,

Karen A-D

The Mobile MOPS Regional Coordinator

(a little bit about me... I have a heart for Coordinators, having helped establish and Coordinate a thriving MOPS group at Maroochy Baptist Community Centre on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland. After my twins (our youngest) went off to Big School I prayerfully took on the role of MOPS Regional Coordinator for the Sunshine Coast. Then God called me to something bigger....I heard God’s clear still voice telling me to go and visit MOPS groups all around Australia! My Husband, Daniel, felt similarly prompted. We pulled our 4 children out of School, sold off all our belongings and we are now on the road permanently...)

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Barbra Stephens said...

What a beautiful prayer for the parents and children. I can relate. Thank you for sharing with us and "keeping it real". I often remember that when we share a bit of ourselves and are open with others it truly does reach everyone's heart.
Mark 12:37 (KJV) ...and the common people heard them gladly.